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Pursuing the Digital Journey Creating a Rich, More Convenient Healthcare Experience for Patients

How does a leader with impressive AMEX and Disney experience run a healthcare system? Tony Ambrozie, Senior VP and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health Florida is advancing the healthcare experience, one revolutionary step at a time. We are looking to create ‘experiences’ but where do you start? What would benefit the community? What would benefit the clinicians? What is the best technology out there for our patients, our consumers? What are the best tools, processes and methods for building out an intentional health experience?

Key Points:
The US healthcare system has enormous dysfunctionalities
We need to focus and make it simpler and more fluid, more convenient for users
What does transformation look like in a financial services company?
The data that comes out of the digital exhaust can inform us on what is working and what isn't working


Transform Healthcare - One Connection at a Time

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