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Preventing Digital Healthcare Fraud with Cybersecurity Solutions While Growing Patient Access

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations must give patients easier access to their health data and focus on reducing friction. The challenge comes with balancing the need for improved user experience with the importance of adopting appropriate security measures to guard sensitive data. During this solution showcase with Lane Williams, Director Solutions Engineering at F5 and Jason LaValle, Senior Solutions Architect at Sirius Healthcare (A CDW Company) we cover:

• Attack evolution – Discover how attackers evolve their online schemes to take advantage of inherent vulnerabilities on web and mobile applications.
• Countermeasure efficacy – Address the whole spectrum of automated application attacks and digital fraud abuse by abandoning traditional point solutions.
• Identity and access management – Understand how healthcare organizations can protect PHI and their brand without compromising user experience or patient access to personal information.

What kind of attacks are coming for healthcare? What are the inherent vulnerabilities that they're going after? Are we seeing a difference between web attacks and mobile attacks? Are there different types of attacks for different types of devices? How do you create a framework that addresses all of the different attacks? Having dual-factor is critical but no longer good enough. You also need protection on the edge. What opportunities do we have to identify fraud within our medical devices? Is there an architecture we should consider to have in place?

Key Points:
A web application firewall product is very important because you can see exactly what the user is doing
Attackers are increasing their sophistication by writing AI programs to basically duplicate the effects
Zero trust is not a one stop thing. It's more of a journey.
IOMT - Internet of Medical Things


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