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Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader at Proofpoint joins Bill for the news. The CommonSpirit ransomware attack has delayed patient care at hospitals across the US. What does this kind of outage mean for patient safety? And what does it show about the risks of merger and acquisitions in healthcare? For an acquisition to work, the executives and board need to understand the technical debt, security and operational risks. It’s time to modernize the healthcare C-suite. For organizations to succeed in the future, their leaders must have roles in strategy, experience, wellness, diversity and more. Health equity is a business and moral imperative. How can we use this to drive ‘health’ care instead of just ‘sick’ care?

Key Points:
The core mission of healthcare is patient care and patient safety. If that's not happening, then undoubtedly, you're impacting the patient in an adverse way.
Do you think we'll ever see technology or security posture be a reason for a M&A not moving forward in healthcare?
Ransomware attacks are an uncomfortable conversation for US health systems. We need to start addressing them as a community, as an industry and as a nation.

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