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Newsday: What does Government Involvement In Cybersecurity Look Like with Wes Wright

Wes Wright, Chief Healthcare Officer at Ordr, joins Bill for the news. As we tread the path of progress, how far have we come since the introduction of meaningful use in healthcare? Has healthcare effectively capitalized on the digital wave set in motion by the electronic health records (EHR)? These questions form the crux of our conversations as they discuss the origin, trajectory, and the potential future of healthcare security. The advent of AI has undoubtedly catapulted healthcare into a new era, but it's also added an extra layer of complexity when it comes to cybersecurity. They delve deep into these topics, to question the current state of cybersecurity, and to envision what meaningful measures we can adopt for a more secure future without compromising on healthcare provision.

Key Points:
-Ordr -
-Wes Wright -
-Role of Ordr
-Federal’s Role in Cybersecurity
-Meaningful Use
-Government Healthcare Spending
-Paper to Technology Switch

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