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Newsday: Using AI Models to Holistically Care For Patients Data, ChatGPT, and Other Predictions

Dennis Joseph, Sr. Director - Product Management & Healthcare Practice Lead at Digital Scientists joins Bill for the news. What are the latest technologies that Digital Scientist is implementing in healthcare, especially as it relates to telehealth, AI, and getting devices connected? What are the current challenges in using AI models in healthcare due to the quality and availability of data, as well as potential biases in the models? What are the challenges in building a comprehensive patient profile, including genomic and ancestral history, and how can this be addressed in the future? What are the potential use cases of ChatGPT in medicine and wellness, and what are the challenges associated with them? Can ChatGPT be used to provide real-time evidence-based recommendations to healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, and what are the potential risks and benefits of doing so? What are the limitations of ChatGPT in medical record keeping, and how can they be addressed to ensure patient safety?

Key Points:
- Data quality and bias in AI models
- Comprehensive patient profiles
- Use cases of ChatGPT in medicine and wellness
- Telemedicine and virtual assistants
- Patient safety and reliability of AI recommendations
- Digital Scientists -

News articles:
- How Tech Leaders Compete In The Battle Of Healthcare AI
- Jonathan Balaban on LinkedIn: Is the Chat GPT honeymoon over?
- ChatGPT is impressive, but it may slow the emergence of AGI
- ONC proposes new rules for Cures Act implementation, certifications and more | Healthcare IT News

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