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Newsday: The Technological Impact of ChatGPT on Systems, Applications, and Work Environments

Corey Lyons, Staff Solutions Engineer at VMware joins Bill for the news. What is the role of VMware in the changing landscape of healthcare technology? How is healthcare moving towards the edge and becoming more dispersed? What does Best Buy and Atrium’s partnership mean for in-home hospital care, and what are the implications for technology organizations and staff? What are the benefits of using AI in administrative workflows?

Key Points:
- How CIO/CTOs can better drive integration between providers and payers
- Developing processes and technologies to address labor costs and clinician burnout
- AI for clinical notes
- Moving care venues into the home
- VMware -

News articles:
- University of Kansas Health System taps Abridge to roll out AI-based medical transcription for thousands of docs
- Doximity rolls out beta version of ChatGPT tool for docs aiming to streamline administrative paperwork
- Best Buy will set up in-home hospital care through a new deal with Atrium Health
- HITTING THE MARK - Highmark Health, under a new market president, is taking an inside-out approach to transforming health care as we know it.

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