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Newsday: The Steps Towards the Whole Care Journey: AI, Start Ups, and Policy With Brad Bigelow

Brad Bigelow, Digital Health Executive at Acolyte Health joins Bill for the news. As we examine the transition from paper to digital information exchange in healthcare, what are the potential challenges and ethical considerations involved in this digital shift? What is the role of telehealth and digital communication in shaping the future of the healthcare industry, and how can we ensure these advancements reach marginalized populations? How might we strike a balance between embracing technological advancements and maintaining the human touch in healthcare? What is the possibility of a healthcare 'Age of Enlightenment' with AI serving as a potential catalyst. What factors need to align for this shift to happen, and what could be the potential risks or drawbacks? How is healthcare moving from a care journey to a health journey, what needs to change at a systemic level for this shift to occur and how might this affect the patient experience?

Key Points:
- Personal Healthcare Journey
- Care to Health Journey
- Reimbursement and Policy
- Generative AI Capabilities
- Acolyte Health -

News articles:
- Is Healthcare At The End Of Its Middle Age?
- AWS launches generative AI center backed by $100M investment
- Private Capital Is A Key Component To Improving Health Equity

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