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Newsday: The Rise of Managed Security Service Providers and Trends in Cybersecurity with Drex DeFord

Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike joins Bill for the news. What drives CrowdStrike's impressive presence in the cybersecurity landscape? How do healthcare cybersecurity trends shape the future of data protection? Are M&A deals the key to unlocking growth and innovation in the cybersecurity industry? What strategies can companies employ to successfully expand their product offerings? Is entering new markets the ultimate catalyst for business growth and global impact? How can economies of scale revolutionize the cybersecurity sector? Does reduced competition hinder or foster innovation in the industry? What challenges and opportunities arise when fundraising in the dynamic cybersecurity market?

Key Points:
- Healthcare cybersecurity trends
- M&A deals
- Product expansion
- Market entry
- Economies of scale
- CrowdStrike -

News articles:
- Healthcare Cyber Security 2023: Key M&A Themes and Future Trends
- Epic, Cerner 2048: What will EHRs look like in 25 years?
- How Technology Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare

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