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Newsday: The Progression and Potential of AI with David Ting

David Ting, CTO at Tausight joins Bill for the news. Ting dives into the fascinating world of AI, cybersecurity, and healthcare through an engaging discussion that leaves audiences pondering: what untapped potential lies within our vast reservoirs of healthcare data? How can AI catalyze greater advancements in cybersecurity and make our digital world safer? As we navigate the intricate landscape of AI-driven technology in healthcare, what is the future we're heading toward? This conversation goes beyond surface-level explanations and delves into the intricacies of AI model building, security concerns, and technological shifts altering the workforce, all the while keeping the focus on improving healthcare outcomes.

Key Points:
- Role of AI in Cybersecurity
- AI Influence on Job Market
- Edge Computing Prospects
- Improving AI Models
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