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Newsday: The Future of Tech - Third-party Risks, AI, and Cybersecurity with David Ting

David Ting, CTO and Founder of Tausight joins Bill for the news. They explore topics ranging from third-party healthcare risks, the complexities of cybersecurity, to the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Does our reliance on third-party systems expose us to risk, and how does this molecular spread of patient data affect us all? Can AI negate the need for intricate, hand-written code and how close are we to AI-powered robotic surgery becoming the norm? These thought-provoking yet grounded discussions not only propel us into pondering the future trajectory of the tech industry but also expound on its influence and potential in our everyday lives.

Key Points:
- Third-party Healthcare Risks
- Data Dispersal Complications
- AI in Cybersecurity
- Coding Automation
-Generative AI Potential
- Robotics in Healthcare
- Tausight -

News articles:
- 5 Things CFOs Should Know About Generative AI
- ChatGPT scored 72% in clinical decision accuracy, MGB study shows
- IBM trains its LLM to read, rewrite COBOL apps

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