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Newsday: The EHR Upsides & Pitfalls with Laura O'Toole of SureTest

Laura O’Toole, CEO at SureTest joins Bill for the news. She propounds on a myriad of subjects rooted deeply in our current tech-healthcare ecosystem. As they probe into the AI labyrinth, could they be overlooking the persisting inaccuracies? How is the role of AI shaping up in data governance amid the accelerated pace of technology? Is the regulatory burden in healthcare stifling innovation or serving as the checks and balances for it? As they ponder upon these, they also deliberate the contentious issue of the FTC-led ban on non-compete agreements in terms of the nuanced needs of the industry. The discussion further meanders into acknowledging the vision and strategies that health institutions have opted for. Does infusing AI in healthcare truly hold the potential to revolutionize the industry, or are they standing on the brink of another technology bubble?

Key Points:
- EHRs and EPIC versus Cerner
- The FTC Vote
- Non-Compete Agreements
- Effect of AI Integration

News articles:
- US healthcare's 'mind-numbing burden': Advocate CEO
- Today: FTC Strikes Down Non-Competes and the AHA isn't Happy
- AtlantiCare's transformative 6-year plan includes a med school, AI and high-profile partnerships

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