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Newsday: The Digital Front Door and Reliability Culture with Robbie Hughes

Robbie Hughes, CEO and Founder of Lumeon joins Bill for the news. How can the healthcare industry overcome the challenge of operationalizing digital solutions at scale? What are the key issues with the current approach to digital front doors in healthcare? What are the limitations of electronic health records (EHRs) in driving operational efficiency and reliability in healthcare? What are the barriers to creating a reliability culture in the healthcare industry? How can healthcare organizations create a cohesive strategy that integrates technology, marketing, and communication to effectively position themselves within the larger community? What role does cost, quality, and experience play in healthcare marketing, and how can organizations effectively communicate these aspects to consumers? What steps can be taken to measure and understand healthcare costs in order to provide consumers with predictable pricing and transparency?

Key Points:
- Digital front doors
- EHR limitations
- Reliability culture
- Brand identity
- Cost, quality, experience
- Lumeon -

News articles:
- How marketing, digital health have blurred, according to Ardent's consumer chief
- The Digital Front Door is So Yesterday
- How Can We Reduce Unnecessary Healthcare Spending in the US?

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