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Newsday: Surviving the Cyber Security Storm: Insights from David Ting from HLTH 2023

David Ting, CTO and founder at Tausight joins Bill for the news live from HLTH23. Can the sphere of cyber security keep up with the accelerated rate of AI technology innovation and what are the risks of adopting new technologies like OpenAI's GPT-4? As the digital landscape diversifies and grows, we confront the pressing question of how we can secure proliferating data, especially in the complex terrain of the cloud. Compounding these challenges, we reflect on the reputational and operational risks posed by large-scale data breaches and discuss potential mitigation strategies. How are organizations adapting to the financial pressures of maintaining an impregnable digital fortress? Join as they delve into these critical considerations within the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security.

Key Points:
- Cyber Security Challenges
- AI Technology Innovation
- Risks of Data Migration
- Reimagining Cyber Security
- Sustaining Digital Fortresses
- Data Breach Implications

News articles:
- Boards Still Lack Cybersecurity Expertise
- Intel pitches the 'AI PC' at software developer event
- MGM, Caesars Cyberattack Responses Required Brutal Choices

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