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Newsday: Straight from ViVE 2024 with Charles Boicey and Drex DeFord

Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense joins Bill and Drex for the news. They delve into a multitude of topics surrounding the modern healthcare technology landscape at VIVE 2024, LA. What are some of the prevalent risks in the cyber world that health professionals are being confronted with today? Dig into these and other questions in this episode as Charles discusses his work in India, recent happenings in Change Healthcare as well as the controversial implications of OptumHealthcare Connectivity. The conversation also shifts to the importance of privacy in today's digital era and whether uniformity truly holds the key to addressing cyber risks. Experience the wave of future healthcare technology as we analyze and unpack these discussions in this episode.

Key Points:
- Privacy in Healthcare
- Change Healthcare News
- OptumHealthcare Connectivity
- Clearsense -

News articles:
- At ViVE 2024, Get a Glimpse of the State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare
- Change Healthcare cyberattack still impacting pharmacies, as H-ISAC issues alert

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