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Newsday: Startups, Women in Leadership, Staffing Shortage, and the ViVE Conference

Maggie Hubbell, CEO and Co-Founder at Shift joins Bill for the news. How immersive is virtual reality training and how does it compare to other training methods? What were some of the main themes discussed at the ViVE conference and how are they related to each other? What conversations can be had around health equity, and how can caregivers play a role in promoting better equity for patients? What are the challenges faced by women in technology, and how can these challenges be addressed?How can Startups think about finances creatively and pursue difficulties?

Key Points:
- Virtual reality training for nurses
- ViVE conference
- Staffing, health equity, mental health, and regulation.
- Women in Healthcare Leadership
- Startups and Entrepreneurship
- Shift -

News articles:
- Nine from ViVE: Takeaways from the digital health conference
- VIVE 2023: 6 Digital Health Executive Share Their Key Takeaways
- 5 takeaways from ViVE 2022: Day 1 - MedCity News

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