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Newsday: Serving Technology or Technology Serving Us, How are We Integrating AI Into Our Workflows?

Greg Miller, Chief Growth Officer at Lumeon joins Bill for the news. With the increasing shortage of physicians and nurses, can AI solutions, such as ChatGPT, help to solve the physician shortage crisis, and what are the possibilities and limitations of using AI in healthcare? How can automation and care orchestration using AI technology help in scaling care coordination efforts across an enterprise and reducing the burden on clinicians and administrative staff that are constantly in chasing mode? What are the three main issues that health system executives are trying to solve for, and how are these issues related to technology investment decisions in the healthcare industry? How do new technology platforms aim to serve clinicians and patients, and what are the benefits of this approach compared to the traditional view of healthcare technology as something that clinicians must serve?

Key Points:
- EHR limitations in automating broader processes
- AI potential to solve workforce shortages
- Possibilities and limitations of AI and the importance of the human element in medical practice
- Financial pressures leading to scaling back of technology investments
-Technology serving clinicians rather than healthcare serving technology
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News articles:
- Health systems are buying less technology amid financial pressures
- Can AI solve the physician shortage crisis?
- At SXSW 2023, OpenAI's Greg Brockman and 23andMe's Anne Wojcicki dive into the potential for AI in healthcare
- Scott Becker on LinkedIn: 16 concepts we are watching in health care. This largely comes from a…
- UnityPoint Health, Presbyterian Healthcare Services plan to merge: Key takeaways

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