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Newsday: Remote Workforces, Rapid Pace, and Realistic Focus with Laura O'Toole

August 13, 2023: Laura O’Toole, CEO at SureTest joins Bill for the news. They delve deep into the challenges of modern management and leadership, focusing on the rapid pace of change in our current business climate and how the adoption of technology, particularly in a post-COVID era, impacts the workforce. How can organizations balance rapid technological advancements with ensuring the well-being of their workforce? With remote work becoming the norm, how do leaders ensure constructive feedback without affecting morale adversely? If managers are indeed becoming more critical in a remote setup, what training and resources are essential to equip them for success? In the context of "human sustainability," what should leaders prioritize: rapid progress or workforce well-being? How transformative will generative AI be for administrative tasks, and how can it be harnessed to benefit both the organization and its employees?

Key Points:
- Modern Management Challenges
- Workforce Well-being
- Remote Feedback Difficulties
- Generative AI Impact
- Balancing Rapid Advancements
- SureTest -

News articles:
- Why the pandemic-era acceleration of health tech isn't going away
- As workforce well-being dips, leaders ask: What will it take to move the needle?
- So much of what we need to accelerate change in US healthcare is a new management culture

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