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Newsday - Quiet Quitting Causes Commotion: What 3 Factors can Hospital Systems Deliver for Workers?

Melissa Morris, CEO of Lantum joins Bill for the news today. The trend of "quiet quitting" has recently gained traction on social media, referring to a phenomenon in which workers reduce their enthusiasm at work and stick to the minimum expectations of their role. What does 'quiet quitting' look like at hospitals? Some healthcare experts say the Amazon Care shutdown is a strategic play and not a failure. What happens when telehealth expansion is put under the microscope? How does it address concerns about access, quality of care, equity and program integrity?

Key Points:
How do we keep ‘quiet quitting’ from happening? How do we maintain engaged employees?
Inflation and the cost of living has scared people back into the workforce but they're coming with a different mindset altogether
Employees need three things: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in their role
Amazon is moving away from the employer healthcare space and more to direct to consumer opportunities

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