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Newsday - Purchasing Real Estate in the Metaverse in Real Time and the Latest in Health IT

Charles Boicey from Clearsense joins Bill for the news today, and wow, do they cover a lot. The Metaverse and virtual reality are gaining a foothold in healthcare and Charles shares his personal experience with investing in the Metavers universe. 86% Of Medical Alert System Users Say The Devices Have Helped Save Them From An Incident. CMS Issues Proposed Rule for Rural Emergency Hospitals. Synaptic Health Alliance provider data blockchain initiative expands. Hospitals see challenges around price transparency, technology and resources. How can RTLS security protect healthcare workers and reduce burnout?

Key Points:
Are we getting better with satellite communication in regards to latency?
If we don’t overcome the rural healthcare challenge, we will see urban centers get overrun
Blockchain in healthcare is over the hype cycle


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