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Newsday: Patient Data Risks, Diversifying AI, and Inspiring Adaptability with David Ting

David Ting, CTO and Founder at Tausight, joins Bill for the news. They delve into the alarming trend of cybercriminals targeting patient data, raising the question: How does the value assigned to illicitly obtained personal health information impact both the healthcare industry and the patients themselves? The discussion then shifts to the intriguing concept of leveraging AI and technology in healthcare, pondering the potential efficiencies and ethical concerns. Could the integration of AI in hospital workflows dramatically reduce costs while raising concerns about the future role of human professionals in healthcare? And what about the paradox of progress, where advances in technology lead to both solutions and new challenges, especially in the realm of data security and privacy?

Key Points:
- Tausight -
- David Ting -
- Patient Cyber Attacks
- Ethical Security
- Diversified AI Language Models
- Patient Information Rights
- Healthcare System Adaptability

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