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Newsday - Nursing Shortage Solutions, Brick & Mortar Hospital Developments and Low Tech Investments

Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike and Lee Milligan, CIO for Asante Health join Bill for the news. Saint Louis University Hospital nurses target administration in no-confidence vote. UnityPoint Health opens $38.4M hospital. WHO says Elon Musk has a “huge responsibility” to fight health misinformation on Twitter. In 2020 we saw a historical $14.9B invested into digital health companies. In 2021, those investments made history again, nearly doubling 2020’s record. Is this Hype or Bubble?

Key Points:
The expense for traveling nurses compared to FTE nurses can be four times higher
With regard to new hospital builds, what are we doing right? What did we get wrong?
Instead of where's disruption going to come from, more importantly where's transformation going to come from?


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