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Newsday - "Not a Commodity" Is Healthcare's Mission to Focus on Wellness Jeopardized by Consumerism?

Tom Kurtz, CAO at Memorial Healthcare joins Bill for the news. Improving the patient experience doesn't have to come at the cost of clinician well-being. According to two physicians at Harvard Medical School, there's a way to prioritize both. Patients have higher expectations than ever before. How can the industry focus more on the customer experience? The Joint Commission will introduce new standards on Jan 1 aimed at reducing healthcare disparities. How can we better detect and address differences in care among racial, ethnic and other historically marginalized groups? Fitch Ratings has revised its outlook for U.S. not-for-profit hospitals and health systems to "deteriorating" as these organizations continue to be hammered by labor issues, expenses, and "macro inflationary pressures."

Key Points:
We start every meeting at Memorial Healthcare with Memorial Moments - often a positive piece of feedback that we've gotten where a provider or a clinician has gone above and beyond to improve the care of the patient.
I think, in a lot of cases, it isn't about choice. It’s about driving the lowest cost solution.
Analysts are expecting not-for-profit health systems to have a rocky rest of the year

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