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Newsday: Next Steps at TWH, Cybersecurity Focus, and Strategic Impact with Samuel Hill.

Samuel Hill, Head of Marketing at This Week Health, joins Bill for the news. They discuss the commoditization of IT roles and the critical need for strategic connectivity in healthcare systems. How can IT departments transition from being seen as commodity services to strategic partners in healthcare? The conversation then shifts to the importance of cybersecurity in patient safety and healthcare availability, introducing Drex DeFord's new role in leading the cybersecurity community. But what does the future hold for health IT in terms of its strategic significance and alignment with healthcare goals? This episode probes these vital questions, offering insights into the dynamic world of health IT and its impact on healthcare delivery.

Key Points:
-This Week Health -
-Samuel Hil -
-TWH Growth
- Cybersecurity Community
- Layoffs in Healthcare
- Cybersecurity Threats
- Integrating IT Systems

News articles:
-Why health systems are laying off IT workers -
- Fortune 500 companies are eliminating chief marketing officer roles as the position loses C-suite clout -

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