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Newsday: New Aged Tech with Age Old Technique: AI and Leadership

Laura O’Toole, CEO at SureTest joins Bill for the news. The age of AI is upon us, and it's no longer a question of if but how. How can we use AI to improve patient care and alleviate the burden on clinicians? How can we push forward trust in AI from a patient perspective? In terms of technology, Can application rationalization ultimately lead to the elimination of outdated equipment and cost reduction? What does strong leadership look like in 2023? Can we establish better work cultures to combat the rise of workplace dissatisfaction and ultimately the staffing shortage?

Key Points:
- Some of the healthcare equipment from 30 years ago still resides in systems today
- Legacy equipment in healthcare
- Press Ganey integrates Epic
- Contributing factors like raise, culture, and contribution grow workplace dissatisfaction
- SureTest -

News articles:
- How best to manage, or dump, legacy healthcare IT systems - Healthcare IT News:
- Healthcare workers still think about quitting often, even on well-staffed teams:
- Press Ganey announces collaboration with Epic to advance integration of patient experience insight into electronic medical records:

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