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Newsday: Navigating the Waves of Tech Evolution: Epic's Plans and the Promise of AI with Jon Kimerle

Jon Kimerle, Global Strategic Healthcare Alliances with Pure Storage joins Bill for the news. They delve into a myriad of topics orbiting around the current tech evolution in healthcare. This ostensible exchange elucidates Jon's evolution from a faith-based healing ministry to becoming a high-ranking technology officer. We also tap into the riveting dialogue on Epic's plans boasted by Judy Faulkner and how those insights sync with Kimerle's own experience with Epic in healthcare. Moreover, we delve into the significance of generative AI in healthcare, and yet the lack of a specific strategy for its adoption in most healthcare facilities. All these discussions spearhead some dynamic reflections: How can technology companies such as Pure Storage concomitantly bolster healthcare? What's the potential of generative AI in an industry that often seems resistant to swift change? Is there a juxtaposition between the demand for AI and the aptitude to implement it for healthcare outcomes?

Key Points:
- Pure Storage Evolution
- Epic's New Plans
- Generative AI
- Healthcare Technology
- Fintech Potential
- Strategic Alliances
- Pure Storage -

News articles:
- “We’re in the 1999 of the internet era’: a16z’s Julie Yoo on fintech’s potential and the digital health market”
- Judy Faulkner touts new plans for Epic - (Innovator's Dilemma, Clay Christenson)
- Top 12 things healthcare organizations want in IT vendors, per KLAS
- Health system execs bullish on generative AI, but still lack strategy
- Is artificial intelligence a cybersecurity ally or menace?

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