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Newsday: Navigating AI Integration and Remote Work in Healthcare with Mark Dobbs & Erik Nystrom

Mark Dobbs (Global Healthcare Alliances) & Erik Nystrom (Principal, Enterprise Imaging) at Pure Storage joins Bill for the news. With the rise of AI integration making waves in the industry, how does this technology aid physicians in handling increasing data loads and resolution quality? And how it can potentially ease the burden off clinicians and physicians? What does this mean for the future of disease identification? Meanwhile, on the business side, how are tech CEOs tackling the transition between remote work and returning to the office, and what challenges are they facing? Is there a trend of more CEOs resigning due to burnout or the struggle to adapt to new technologies?

Key Points:
- AI and Imaging
- Remote Work
- CEO Resignations
- Cloud Security
- Healthcare Tech Investment
- Patient Engagement
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News articles:
- SEC Charges SolarWinds and Chief Information Security Officer with Fraud, Internal Control Failures -
- Remote employees ‘don’t work as hard’, says head of world’s biggest commercial landlord -
- CEOs are leaving their jobs in record numbers in what is the executive suite version of The Great Resignation -
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