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Newsday - Mergers & Acquisitions: Fundamentally Changing the Front Door of a Health System

Patty Hayward, Vice President, Strategy Healthcare and Life Sciences at Talkdesk joins Bill for the news. Following CVS Health-Signify Health and Amazon OneMedical, who will be the next digital health M&A target? Experts are not anticipating a slowdown in similar acquisitions. What will the Walmart, UnitedHealth Group, Optum collaboration bring for 2023? How will they endeavor to improve health outcomes and the patient experience? What is Trilliant Health’s evidence-based comparison tool all about? How will it supersede 'black box' top hospital lists?

Key Points:
You’re seeing Amazon and CVS really trying to look at how they can evolve the market and get ahead but they also have the assets to back it up and the time to wait to make it happen.
The way we acquire healthcare is fundamentally changing.
The Walmart, UnitedHealth, Optum collaboration puts the patient at the center of healthcare

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