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Newsday: Mandates, Regulations, and Other Ways to Protect Your Data with David Ting

David Ting, Founder and CTO at Tausight joins Drex DeFord, President, 229 Risk & Security at This Week Health for the news. As we delve into the conversation, Ting shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities presented by the current state of cybersecurity in healthcare, particularly in light of recent high-profile cyber events. How will increased regulations and mandates impact healthcare organizations, and is there a balance to be struck between compliance and genuine security? Ting also explores the hyperconnected nature of healthcare and the vulnerabilities it introduces. Could the solution lie in not just more regulations but in providing healthcare organizations with the necessary incentives and financial assistance to bolster their cybersecurity measures? Furthermore, we touch upon the potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare cybersecurity, as highlighted by the partnership between ARPA H and DARPA.

Key Points:
- Impact of Increased Regulations
- Financial Assistance and Incentives
- Securing Pediatric Health Data
- Partnership Between ARPA H and DARPA
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