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Bob Klein, CEO at Digital Scientists, joins Bill for the news. Healthcare is struggling financially . With some having 20% budgets, CIOs need to have greater access at a much lower cost per touch. How can we reevaluate our architecture and decide what is actually generating ROI? Can we save rural healthcare systems from the financial crisis? How can we combat the rise in labor and supply chain costs? How can hospitals continue to excel when we are running on low-power mode?

Key Points:
Twitter cuts the Salesforce bill by 75%, 20 million down to 5 million.
Providers are ready to build, buy, and to rationalize what's in their architecture and to come up with the solutions that differentiate themselves.
From 2010 to 2021, 136 rural hospitals closed, 19 of those in 2020 alone
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News articles:
We're going to come out of this winning:' Northwell CEO on labor challenges and the system's biggest growth area.
The Existential Threat of Greed in US Health Care
Hemant Ramnani on LinkedIn: Twitter Cuts Salesforce Bill 75% as More Buyers Scrutinize Software Spending
Dartmouth Health CEO: Rural healthcare at a breaking point

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