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Newsday: Leveraging Walmart's Footprint, IT Strategy, and Doctor Exits with Dennis Joseph

Dennis Joseph, Sr. Director - Product Management & Healthcare Practice Lead at Digital Scientists, joins Bill for the news. How can healthcare organizations effectively address the issue of doctors leaving their organizations, given the increasing intent to leave, especially among young and mid-career physicians?cIs the use of technology in healthcare truly evolving and improving, or are we facing a proliferation of technology solutions that may not necessarily enhance patient care? What steps can be taken to provide transparency into AI systems used in healthcare so that clinicians can trust and effectively use these systems while making informed decisions? In light of Sam Walton's early stance on healthcare costs, how has Walmart's recent partnership with healthcare providers like Orlando Health impacted the healthcare landscape, particularly in rural areas? How can Walmart's extensive real estate footprint in rural areas address the challenge of healthcare access and make basic health services more readily available to communities? What metrics should CIOs use to measure the success of their IT strategies and technology investments in improving patient care, clinician satisfaction, and operational efficiency?

Key Points:
- Physician Retention Challenges
-Transparency in AI Systems
- Walmart's Healthcare Initiatives and Partnerships
- Metrics for Evaluating IT Strategies
- Build vs. Buy Technology Decisions
- Digital Scientists -

News articles:
- IT issues affecting health system financials -
- Walmart: Friend or foe to hospitals? -
- 40% of doctors eye exits. What can organizations do to keep them? -

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