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Curtis Hendrick, VP of Cloud Services at Optimum Healthcare IT joins Bill for the news. In a world where digital transformation is crucial, can a single empowered leader truly drive the necessary changes in large healthcare systems? How can organizations effectively adopt agile methodologies and embrace a culture of nimbleness to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives? What role does culture play in successful digital transformation, and how can leaders foster a culture that embraces innovation and change? Is it time for healthcare systems to move away from expensive, monolithic applications and embrace low-cost, agile products to tackle bottlenecks and achieve quick wins? What are the potential risks and benefits of adopting AI models in the cloud, especially in large healthcare systems with vast amounts of sensitive data? How can healthcare organizations navigate the complexities of data privacy and security when using AI and cloud-based technologies, considering the recent challenges faced by other companies?

Key Points:
- Cloud evangelism
- Importance of AI
- Agile methodologies
- Addressing risks in AI
- Digital Transformation
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News articles:
- 8 Steps to Digital Transformation
- AI leaders from Google, AWS discuss promise and perils of generative AI

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