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Newsday - Is Any Experience Free, or is Your Data the Collateral? Data Privacy & Health IT News

Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader at Proofpoint joins Bill for the news, and trust us, you’re going to want to listen to this episode. A tracking tool installed on many hospitals’ websites has been collecting patients’ sensitive health information and sending it to Facebook. Experts say this violates a federal law protecting health information. Last week Oracle closed its much-anticipated acquisition of Cerner. In a webinar to discuss their vision and intentions for Cerner and more broadly, Oracle in healthcare, Co-Founder Larry Ellison shared their big visionary picture. Are they aiming too high? The greatest wealth transfer in history is happening. Over the next two decades, the United States will experience an unprecedented shift of demographics and finances that will likely be felt by every American. And what can people can do to get jobs in healthcare IT? There’s sky-high demand for tech workers right now which opens doors for IT pros who don’t have prior experience in the healthcare industry.

Key Points:
Facebook, Google and Amazon dominate the world of online marketing
Last Thursday, Oracle closed its much anticipated acquisition of Cerner
Warren Buffet says that healthcare costs are a leech on the US economy and he's not wrong. We need to address that.
You don't come out of college as a cybersecurity expert


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