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Newsday - Inflation’s Impact on Health IT, Layoffs, and the Latest Events in the Industry

Chris Logan, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Censinet joins Bill for the news. OhioHealth is eliminating 637 jobs with 567 of them in information technology, as part of a plan that is necessary to drive improvements in patient care. Could their biggest layoff ever be their biggest mistake ever? A ransomware attack at Professional Finance Company may have exposed data from patients at 600 healthcare providers. As inflation rises across the globe, CIOs are strategizing ways to navigate rising prices for IT supplies, services, and talent by rethinking IT portfolios, reprioritizing IT spend, and honing business efficiencies. We know it’s difficult for companies to get cybersecurity insurance these days, but just how difficult?

Key Points:
If you were to ask the CFO of any health system talking about bottom line, it's getting expensive to operate
Healthcare is always going to have a target painted on its back because of the nature of the data that we have and the willingness of people to pay the ransom
Inflation is starting to rear its ugly head. Nobody is prepared for it.


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