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Newsday - In Light of Quitting Culture and Nurse Shortages, How can Care Services Fill in the Gaps?

Matti (Perilstein) Burnett, Co-Founder of Eternally joins Bill for the news. Eternally is a personalized service providing advanced care planning support for patients of hospital systems. A Gartner report states that the annual quit rate will jump up nearly 20 percent from annual pre pandemic levels. Healthcare organizations should prepare themselves as this new culture of quitting becomes the norm. With more than two years having passed since the pandemic began, questions are being raised about when to end the public health emergency declarations made by the federal government. There are numerous implications of course. And Greg Till, EVP, Chief People Officer at Providence says “Workforce strategy doesn’t just ‘support’ business strategy. It IS a business strategy. That’s never been more apparent or important.”

Key Points:
We will have a nursing shortage for the next 30 years.
Reducing administrative burden is essential. Healthcare workers should spend their time with patients and building relationships with their colleagues.
The importance of employee polls and surveys


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