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Newsday: Hybrid Clouds, Vendor Lock in, and IT Cost Efficiency with PV SubbaRao

In today's episode of Keynote, PV SubbaRao, SVP at Rackspace Technology, explores the dynamic shifts in IT outsourcing and cloud security. They delve into the evolution of cloud services, discussing how the interplay of automation, AI, and multi-cloud strategies can optimize healthcare operations. What does doing "more with less" truly mean in the context of current IT frameworks? How can healthcare leaders navigate the delicate balance between best-of-breed approaches and the potential pitfalls of vendor lock-in? As they reflect on past experiences, particularly the transition from Perot Systems to Dell Services, the conversation also probes the implications of hybrid cloud strategies and private equity influences in tech partnerships. These insights prompt us to consider whether modern IT architectures can support the increasingly complex landscape of healthcare needs without compromising on security or efficiency.

Key Points:
- PV SubbaRao -
- Rackspace -
- IT Outsourcing Evolution
- Cloud Security Challenges
- Vendor Lock-in Risks
- Multi-Cloud Management
- AI and Automation Impact

News articles:
- CEOs’ top priorities for IT leaders today

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