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Newsday: How The Metaverse, AI and ML will Reshape Healthcare

Charles Boicey from Clearsense joins Bill for the news. Are you a Futurist? Today we are talking the Metaverse, AI and ML. What will the next healthcare application be in the virtual Metaverse world? Why are AI and ML underperforming in healthcare? How can we improve the quality of data we're collecting in EHRs, including clinical notes? What is the longer-term strategy to collect more data about patients, beyond the EHR? Are autonomous cars a trend or trendy? Is Hospital at home a trend or trendy? What about Clinical AI? Health equities? Interoperability?

Key Points:
When you meet somebody in VR, it feels like you are in a room with them
What foundational elements are needed for an AI future in healthcare?
Startups are using VR for bedridden patients to give them external experiences

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