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Newsday - How is Data the Foundation of the Future of Digital Health?

Dr Colin Banas, Chief Medical Officer for DrFirst joins Bill for the news today. What went on at the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference? What areas of healthcare are most in need of disruption and digital transformation today? If we don't continue to invest in virtual care, we could lose the coordination of a significant volume of patients. How do we make the delivery of care better? What happens when COVID-19 emergency declarations end? What are the implications for Coverage, Costs and Access? The future of medicine is not better appointment scheduling or more convenient telemedicine. The future of medicine is asynchronous.

Key Points:
Price transparency. Maybe 15% of hospitals are actually compliant with the notion of being fully transparent with costs.
Declining COVID patient numbers has led to less revenues and more costs
Where is tech innovation needed most in healthcare?
How is AI and machine learning going to be regulated? How is it going to be transparent?


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