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Newsday: How can we Make Healthcare the Gold Standard in Customer Service

Guillaume deZwirek, CEO and Founder of Artera joins Bill for the news today. Digital health decision makers can pick from thousands of options when it comes to competing tech solutions. How do you ensure the best value for your patients and a good return on investment? Our current healthcare model functions as a pipeline, which is linear, highly transactional, and inflexible. How does the unique architecture designed Mayo Clinic Platform help health systems to fulfill the need for more cures and innovation while also decreasing health care inequity? Health Affairs reports that while not all administrative spending is wasteful, about half is likely ineffective, meaning it has no effect on care quality.

Key Points:
What industries are currently the gold standard in customer service?
What are the risks of striking a deal with a digital health company?
Are health systems becoming consumer-centric in terms of their approach to delivering care?


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