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Newsday - How Can Healthcare Leverage Patient Engagement in Technology to Help Address Inequities?

Sherry Montileone, Chief Information Officer Information System at Citizens Memorial Hospital joins Bill for the news. An American Journal of Managed Care study showed that Massachusetts patients prefer getting medical treatment at home using a state program instead of at the emergency room. Patient attitudes towards the mobile integrated health program were very positive. Telehealth has become an integral part of the mental healthcare landscape. Benefits include expanding care access and closing health equity gaps. Addressing healthcare inequities is no simple task. However, opportunities exist to bridge gaps in healthcare by leveraging patient engagement technology.

Key Points:
Care in the home is a very important part of rural healthcare
When it comes to social determinants of health, the biggest thing is just providing access
Addressing healthcare inequities is no simple task. The causes are complex from environmental to socioeconomic factors and it's challenging for provider organizations to address them

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