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Newsday - How can Health IT make a Difference in Hospital Safety, Care Models & Feedback Platforms?

Patty Hayward, Vice President, Strategy Healthcare and Life Sciences at Talkdesk joins Bill for the news. A gunman killed two doctors and two others at an Oklahoma medical building after blaming one of the physicians for causing him pain from a recent back surgery. How can we better prepare our hospitals for these unthinkable tragedies? Could solutions lie within more technological advances within the front doors of a hospital? What are the 3 main challenges with cloud adoption and how can we fix them? Hartford HealthCare's Vice President and CFO says some of the old care models are obsolete. And Cedars Sinai's real-time ER feedback platform uses quick text message surveys to help improve patient satisfaction.

Key Points:
While the cloud offers organizations greater speed and agility, rolling out its implementation can be difficult
Technology is like the three legs of the stool. You have the technologies. You have culture and you have process.


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