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Newsday - Healthcare Venture Capital Have We Hit the Peak Now What?

Charles Boicey from Clearsense joins Bill for the news. Healthcare venture capital has potentially peaked. Now what? A lot of the big healthcare finance headlines are 1.8 billion, 1.1 billion, 600 million in losses etc. CommonSpirit just posted an operating loss of $1.3 billion. But there are healthcare systems out there with strong finances. What differentiates the systems that are doing well from the systems that are struggling? How is data either contributing to health equity disparities or helping in the area of health equities and disparities?

Key Points:
10,000 baby boomers are aging into Medicare each day through to 2030
For the last 5 years, investments and government dollars have been sugar coating poor operating performance
A data set that's been anonymized, de-identified and obfuscated to the point where I don't know where it came from, is not very helpful

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