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Newsday - Healthcare Systems Lead in Cybersecurity Breach Expenses but What's This Calculation Cost?

Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader at Proofpoint joins Bill for the news. IBM reports that cybersecurity attacks cost healthcare systems more than any other sector. At $10.1 million per breach, that’s a 42% increase from 2020. North Korean hackers are taking aim at health care with Maui ransomware. What do federal agencies know about these malicious attacks and what are the reasons behind them? The HIMSS 2022 Future of Healthcare Report shows that payers and providers look at Big Tech differently and half of physicians and nurses don’t think their orgs are headed in the right direction. And American Airlines announced that it’s buying 20 Overture aircraft from Boom, with the option to purchase an additional 40 planes if all goes well. That’s pretty amazing support for a startup that has yet to build a working passenger jet.

Key Points:
Healthcare has always been the top of the stack in terms of being the highest amount of cost to recover from a breach
We need to make investments in security awareness training
Healthcare is again, a little bit behind other industries in terms of that whole digital transformation journey

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