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Newsday: Healthcare as a Business, CEO as a Patient, ChatGPT as a Resource and More

Laura O’Toole, CEO at SureTest joins Bill for the news. Starting at ViVE, what were some key takeaways, booth highlights, and other memorable moments from the Nashville conference? What are the priorities in health and hospital systems, and how have they changed from a decade ago? How are health systems innovating and adapting to changes in the healthcare industry, including automation and competition, especially in face of the financial challenges? How can ChatGPT improve efficiency in healthcare, and what are some potential risks to its use? What are some of the environmental, social, and governance standards that need to be addressed in healthcare, and how can equity be achieved?

Key Points:
- The ViVE conference
- Priorities in health and hospital systems
- Consumerism in healthcare
- Patient mix and financial pressures
- ChatGPT in healthcare
- SureTest -

News articles:
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- ViVE 2023: 5 takeaways on ChatGPT, data privacy and more | Modern Healthcare
- ViVE 2023 Day 1: Top 3 Takeaways | LinkedIn
- I’m an ER doctor: Here’s what I found when I asked ChatGPT to diagnose my patients
- When the walls come tumbling down: the hospital of the future

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