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Newsday: Growing from 2022: Finances, Toxic Positivity, and Reprioritization

Priscilla Sandberg, Strategic Alliance Manager at Pure Storage joins Bill for the news. 2022 was a bad financial year. The pandemic has brought a new outlook on finances and health systems are looking at where their expenses really are. Do we need to rebuild the current financial system and is that even feasible or do hospitals need to start spending money to make money? The nature of primary care is shifting and places like CVS and Amazon are breaching the space. Is it time to adapt and partner? How can we manage nurses better to maximize their talents and ensure retention long term? How is toxic positivity hurting our work environments?

Key Points:
- Hospital median monthly margins lingered in the red throughout the first 11 months of 2022
- Kaiser posts 4.5 billion net loss for 2022
- CVS Health acquires Oak Street Health for 10.6 billion
- Pure Storage -

News articles:
- Hospitals suffer worst financial year since the pandemic
- Kaiser posts $4.5B net loss in 2022 amid staff shortages, economic headwinds
- US spends most on healthcare but has worse outcomes: 6 report findings

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