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Newsday: Event Marketing and Security Breach Response Strategies with Samuel Hill and Drex DeFord

Samuel Hill, Head of Marketing, and Drex DeFord, President of the Cyber and Risk Community, at This Week Health join Bill for the news at ViVE. They delve into the intricate world of healthcare technology, discussing the recent Change Healthcare breach, communication strategies during cybersecurity incidents, the evolution of marketing tactics at industry events like ViVE, and the challenges faced by vendor partners in navigating multiple conferences. They explore the effectiveness of booth communication, the value of peer-to-peer connections, and the importance of qualifying leads amidst the flurry of conference activities. Engaging questions arise: How can healthcare organizations effectively communicate during a breach? What strategies can vendors employ to maximize ROI at conferences? And how do marketing tactics evolve in response to industry shifts? Tune in for insightful discussions and reflections on the changing landscape of healthcare technology.

Key Points:
- Marketing your Booth
- Increase in Health Conference Choices
- How Should Vendors Approach Conferences?
- Handling Security Breaches
- Future of This Week Health

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