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Newsday: Epic's GitHub Move, AI Education, and Productivity in Healthcare with Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson, President of Exec Development at This Week Health, joins Bill for the news. They discuss Epic's groundbreaking move to release an open-source AI validation tool on GitHub, questioning what this signifies for AI equity and usability in health systems. The conversation delves into the challenges CIOs face in proving ROI for AI investments, prompting us to consider how governance and data quality play pivotal roles in successful AI integration. Sarah's insights on Microsoft's Copilot and its potential impacts on organizational productivity lead to a broader discussion about the balance between efficiency gains and cultural shifts within healthcare environments. As they explore the implications of new AI advancements from OpenAI and Google, we are invited to reflect on the practical applications and future directions of AI in our daily lives and professional settings. What does it mean for a tech giant like Epic to open its doors to the developer community? How can healthcare systems ensure that AI models are relevant and fair for diverse patient populations? And as AI tools become more integrated into our workflows, what trade-offs must we be mindful of?

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