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Newsday: Encountering Telehealth, Socioeconomic Barriers, and Solution Accessibility with Chad Webb

Chad Webb, CTO at Rhaeos, joins Bill for the news. In this episode, they focus on the transformative role of AI and technology deserts. How do healthcare professionals navigate the balance between leveraging tech and ensuring its effective implementation? What challenges do underserved populations face in accessing modern digital health solutions, and how can we bridge the tech divide to provide care more equitably? As health systems explore everything from easy-button solutions to more complex, open-source models, how do they ensure their approach serves their unique patient demographics? Amidst these discussions, one key realization emerges: while tech is powerful, the real value lies in its tailored execution and broader accessibility.

Key Points:
- Rhaeos -
- AI Implementation Dynamics
- Telehealth Potential & Limitations
- Socioeconomic Tech Accessibility
- Digital Divide Challenges
- Remote Health Monitoring Solutions

News articles:
- Oliver Wyman: Health Innovation Summit -
- 7 AI Pitfalls That Hospitals Should Avoid -
- Craig Kenyon LinkedIn Post -

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