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Darrel Bodnar, CIO of North Country joins Bill for the news. As the healthcare industry emerges from the pandemic, its leaders are embarking on a major reboot of their priorities to improve the delivery of patient care. How will they shift course to navigate a changed world? Priorities that are considered in the rearrangement are: expanding digital transformation, managing a human capital crisis, and closing the equity gap. A Vizient report shows that hospitals will experience a slowing of inpatient admissions but an increase in the length of adult inpatient stays. This will lead to greater financial strain over the next decade. How are CIOs dealing with conflicting enterprise priorities? And what kinds of partnerships can rural healthcare systems embark on to help keep up?

Key Points:
Technology has a huge role in helping overburdened staff
We aren't getting rid of traveling nurses but there are new and creative ways to offset that demand
Telehealth is expected to resume its climb by 2032


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