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Newsday: Dr. Nina Tandon on EpiBone: Revolutionizing Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Nina Tandon, CEO and Co-Founder at EpiBone joins Bill for the news. What is the background story of EpiBone and its technology? How do stem cells play a role in EpiBone's approach to tissue engineering? Is there a risk of rejection when using a patient's own stem cells for tissue regeneration? What are some applications of EpiBone's technology in clinical trials? How do healthcare entrepreneurs and consumer companies contribute to the development of personalized medicine?

Key Points:
- EpiBone's technology
- Stem cells and tissue engineering
- Applications in bone and cartilage regeneration
- Availability and distribution of the technology
- Societal impact and ethics
- Personalized medicine
- Consumer-driven healthcare innovation

TED Talks:
- Could tissue engineering mean personalized medicine?
- Caring for engineered tissue

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