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Newsday: Diverse AI in Medicine, Legal Complexities, and Financial Realities with Mari Savickis

Mari Savickis, Head of Government Relations at CHIME, joins Bill for the news. They discuss the impacts of AI on healthcare, exploring how it's more than just cutting-edge technology, but also a tool for improving efficiency in clinical and administrative workflows. As healthcare continues to be a critical issue in the election year, how will AI shape patient experiences and healthcare delivery? They address the complexities of healthcare legislation and the implications of new rules like HCI 1, which is set to revolutionize EHR certification. With healthcare's significant portion of GDP and its role as a leading cause of bankruptcy, the conversation also turns to the financial challenges in healthcare. How will these financial pressures shape policy and patient care? This episode offers deep insights into the intersection of technology, policy, and the real-world challenges facing healthcare today.

Key Points:
- Mari Savickis -
- Rural Healthcare
- Healthcare Legislation
- Financial Challenges
- AI Diversification
- Advanced Cyber Security

News articles:
- ONC info blocking disincentives are excessive says the American Hospital Association
It's time FDA and CISA update their medical device agreement, says GAO -
- FTC Proposes Amendments to Strengthen and Modernize the Health Breach Notification Rule -
- The Health Data Breach Notification Rule -

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